Friday, April 27, 2012

"Seeing the REAL You" - Week 18

"Seeing the REAL You" - Week 18

     I will be out of town for a week, leaving this afternoon, so I decided to upload my vlog early.  I don't have any information on my weight outcome for the week, since I weigh on Sundays but I will still keep you all posted. 

     I also wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on my blog: "What Are You Made Of?"  I received a lot of wonderful feedback on my, Facebook page and  I love the positivity I received and wanted to let you all know that it truly keeps me going!

   I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend and I will be back with the weekly blog, Wednesday's Recipe and vlog on the first Sunday of May.  Until then...

Be HappyBe Healthy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Are You Made Of?


      When I activated this program back in January 2012, I assumed I had everything considered.  I made sure I had all my gears, elements for the feasts I was developing and the applications for physical exertion configured.  I identified particular dates of certain activities and I found it all satisfactory.

     Inadvertently, I discovered minor, trivial productions; problematic interferences that decelerated my progress.  I could not re-calculate them appropriately or process a constructive outcome to the conditions, regardless of how positive I persisted.  I began to speculate my erroneous performance.

     I diagnosed a need to investigate my circuitry for obstruction; I had to find what was terminating my evolvement and eliminate it.  The need, desire to ascertain my inner-workings was inevitable.  I had to access What  I was made of.  Did something need supplanting?  Were there restorations to be made?  Did my hydraulics need an over-haul?  All of these effects could cause a system failure.  What was the issue?  After running my diagnostics, I ascertained that…

     I was thinking like a freakin' robot!  I was programmed to run a certain way every day, at a certain time and with a certain outcome.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Babies cry, people run street lights, frogs fall from the sky and dogs and cats love one another!  Yes, things were going wrong- not always because of me but due to my reactions to them, I was the problem.  Plain and simple.

     These last few weeks, I’ve gained water weight, weight, headaches, a cancelled road-trip, my Ewoks on shifty schedules and missed work-outs!  It’s been hectic and frustrating.  I felt like I was failing myself.  I had to look at my life, my actions and see what I could do to alleviate the situation.

     FIRST, I found I didn’t like what was within me.  I was a cheater and a liar.  When I say these things, I mean that there were times I rationalized my ill behaviors.  I was giving myself excuses as to why it was alright to do something, knowing full well that it wasn’t.  I knew that as long as I did this, I would be self-sabotaging.

     SECONDLY, I knew that when I allowed others and situations to prevent me from exercising, I was only hurting myself.  I had to stay on a schedule but if the schedule failed that day, IT’S ALRIGHT!  Things happen and the best part about my life is that I can make it what I want.  I can add in and take away at my leisure:  I’m a housewife!

     THIRDLY, I knew that as long as I looked at myself and life from a robotic standpoint, I was not going to succeed.  I had to see me as a person who made mistakes and not some unfailable machine.  Yes, I said unfailable, so there!  Besides, machines break down and fail all the time!  Look at my Pt Cruiser – my poor Peety (PT). LOL

     Anyway, I decided that enough is enough and I am going to start looking at who I really am.  I am going to see me as a person who can make changes, adapt to my surroundings and make a positive out of a negative.  I don’t know if I will lose weight this week, stay the same or gain.  I do know that I will handle things as they come and adjust accordingly.  I am going to be successful and not use my health issues as an excuse- unless it’s something that’s completely dire…in which case, I’ll be in the hospital and that AIN’T HAPPENING!

     Good luck to you my friends.  Stay positive and start Seeing the REAL You today.  I know I will.

Be HappyBe Healthy

I’m rejoining Weight Watchers this weekend! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's In Your Fridge? - Week 17


     Okay, this is my first attempt at a real cartoon.  I know there are probably a few glitches but I think I did pretty good for a first-timer!

     This is week 17 for me and I did manage to lose a pound.  I think Weight Watchers is going to be my thing again.  I lost almost 100lbs when I was with them before.  Maybe I can do it again!  We shall see!

     Anyway, enjoy the video and remember to...

Be HappyBe Healthy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

"The Scale Is Not Your Friend" - Week 16

"The Scale Is Not Your Friend"

"The Scale Is Not Your Friend" is about how we focus so strongly on the numbers that we ignore all the other successful ways to see progress.  I hope you enjoy the vlog and remember to...

Be HappyBe Healthy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ab Roller -vs- Ab Lounger (sport) ~vs~Girth


The Ab Roller verses The Ab Lounger verses Girth

       Okay, you all have seen me in full-bodied photos and pieces.  I am no longer that curvaceous woman my husband met ten years ago - I'm a curved woman.  Get it?  Curvaceous...curved...ah, forget it!  

     Anyway, I am tired of my huge mid-section.  I've read so many times that having the apple shape (I think I'm more of a large marshmallow) is very dangerous due to high cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin.  That if your waist is larger than 35 inches as a woman and 40 or more for men, you're in the purchase line for a ticket on the Medic's Express!  Fine.  I'm ready to do something about it.

     I've given myself a challenge.  I have challenged my Ab Roller, given to me by my in-laws and my Ab Lounger to a duel against my girth!  I have decided to use them to make my stomach smaller!  So why the challenge?

     First, I am so sick of my pants, jeans, dresses, shorts etc not sitting quite right because of my darned marsupial pouch!  I know I carried both children there but dang!   My first-born is 21 and my youngest is 7-  I should not have that thing there anymore!  I've lost significant amounts of weight twice and the pouch will not leave!  I want it gone.

     I keep saying that once we win the lottery, the first thing I will do after paying off the bills and getting my new Dodge Nitro and 4WD Jeep Wrangler that I would get a tummy tuck but I don't want to have the surgery do the job for me.  I want it to just get rid of the stuff that weight-loss leaves behind.  What I call War Wounds...

     So I am challenging both machines to give me all they've got to rid me of my Mid-Section Inches!  Every day, from now until the end of the month, I will hit the Ab Lounger for twenty minutes in the morning and the Ab Roller for twenty before bed.  I will do this until the end of the month and see what the results are.   Whatcha think?

     I am also doing something that many others would never admit to.  Something my mom and I have been doing with chuckles for years.  I am going to measure my waist on the pouch and under the pouch, thus my girth!  For those that don't understand, I am going to measure my inches where my waist and hips are supposed to be and then where they sit because of how my belly is.  LOL  You get it?

   Well the numbers are in and:
Waist: 40
Hips: 42
(Where they're supposed to be)

(on the girth!

     Wow!  My body sucks- I am a marshmallow!  I have a man's waist and my hips would be cool...  if I didn't have a man's waist!  They match my Lady Pillows so if I could at least have a 35 inch waist, I'd have some proportion, you!  LOL

     Okay, that's done.  Cheer me on as I kick my waist's butt!  I am doing this, having already begun the morning program and I took a jog too.  Laugh with me because this is gonna be funny.  

Wish me luck...

Be HappyBe Healthy!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with The Hunts & Cella's!

Easter with The Hunts & The Cella's

     I just wanted to share a bit of my family's Easter fun.  We made the sunrise, Easter service and then got home to have some quality time together.  God was on our mind first and unfortunately, health wasn't a huge factor.  I had fun and I am back on track today!

Hope your Easter was as fun as mine!

Easter with My Family

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fizzy Drinks and Sugar!

I don't need to say anything other than the picture speaks for itself!

Be HappyBe Healthy!

What? You Wanna Be Like Barbie?!

{Barbie's proportions brought to life: 5'9" 110lbs 39" bust, 18" waist, 33"hips.}  

     Okay, so this is the reals!  Barbie is not a goal to live by.  So many people on tv and movies are doing their best to look like the World's Most Famous Doll but really - Look At Her!  She's unreal and terribly unhealthy!

     Can she drive a car?  Those legs are something fierce and lend true meaning to the phrase "Legs that go all the way up!" but how does she manage?  Her feet are way too small, so she would more than likely have to use a wheel chair or crutches to get around.  I mean, really!  Then even if she did walk, she'd topple over from her huge boobs!

     Speaking of breasts, her tiny back must be in so much pain.  I can't imagine how she gets around with that battle against gravity going on.  But then again, she has so many professions, maybe she performs her own acupuncture.

     Okay, let's discuss her arms; they're so long that nothing would fit her unless it was made specifically to her proportions- which are astronomical.  And then that waist!

     I'm waist envy, so maybe I shouldn't be the one to speak but her waist is too tiny; I can't imagine where her intestines are.  LOL  She looks sick, doesn't she?  Why hasn't her body fallen over?  When she stands, the top has to be pulling against her waist.  I think she'd have to wear a body brace, how about you?  Okay, now to address her cranium.

     Scientists say that the smaller the head, the smaller the brain, right?  So that means her mental processing must be equal to that of my grandson, who's two years old.  Her neck probably needs a brace for support and those shoulders....  Well, let's just say that if the rest of her body wasn't so jacked up, they'd work on the defensive line for the St. Louis Rams!

     I'm sorry, I don't want to be like Barbie.  She's got nutritional issues; suffering a calcium deficiency which means she'll suffer rickets soon; and there's no freaking way she is having a baby!  She's all wrong for the doll and definitely wrong for the human being.  I'm done with my rant now.  LOL

     I'm happy with whatever my body is left with once I'm to my goal!

Be HappyBe Healthy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Springing Into April Goals


     Okay, so it's the first Monday in April.  Wow, the year is flying by.  Before you know it, I'll be 41....Anyway!  So I have begun to look at what I'd like to accomplish this month.  I grabbed the iPad photo of March's goals and compared them to the new ones for this month.  I set out to achieve some cool stuff...Did I accomplish them all?

     First, did I Stay Positive?
Why yes, yes I did, thank you.  I managed to look all kinds of aggravation and frustration in the face and still hold a smile.  I'm going to tell you, it was not easy though.  I had a lot take place and I didn't think we'd all pull through, especially my daughter but we Phillips women are strong!  Not to mention I have a lot of Facebook page friends that really keep me going.  They are more than positive and do so much for people all over this country and outside of it.  Thank you all!

     Did I Eat Meat 3X's this Month?
Uh, duh!  I ate meat a tad bit more than three unfortunately.  This month's meat challenge was a huge FAIL!  So what happened?  I blame it on my trip to Graceland in Memphis.  I started off great but there weren't a lot of meatless items for me to try and the ones I did were horrible!  It was a huge bust and I can't blame anyone but me....Me and Memphis that is!

     Follow C25K Program?
Not only did I follow the C25K Program, I'm still running with it...pun intended!  (it's an 8 week program) LOL  I like it and it helps give me a sense of accomplishment.  I never imagined myself jogging on a regular basis or actually enjoying the idea of jogging a marathon.  I wish I could put myself in the category of a runner but that just isn't happening.  I'm a jogger and walker and I can live with that.  

I also found some fun apps to keep me going between training.  I think that once I'm done with this, I'll stay on track much easier and will be happy too.  I see jogging as a regular thing for me, eventually becoming a daily ritual.  Yay me!

     Did I Finish the Kettlebell Work Out?
I did work on the Kettlebell Work-Out but I didn't finish but it's not a fail.  Luckily for me, the program is for 6 weeks so it will count for me as a Completion until the middle of this month!  I do like it though.  It's a very thorough program where it hits each and every muscle, making you exhausted but toned and fit. (I've lost inches but I'll take care of measurements later.)

The first night I tried it, I couldn't even do the entire routine.  I felt I was about to have a heart attack!  I was light-headed and stuff!  I whined and complained but the next time, I got almost completely through.  From then on, I was set.  Another cool thing about the program is that each week, the routines change.  That keeps you from getting bored and quitting.  There are six weeks of programs- I got the right one baby!  I paid about $55 for it all but I don't regret one red cent!  In my militant change: "This is my kettle bell. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My kettle bell is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my kettle bell is useless. Without my kettle bell, I won't loess any weight- it would be useless. I must train with my kettle bell true. I must push harder than my previous me, who is trying to defeat me. I must beat me before I quit on me. I will. Before God I swear this creed."

     Finally, Lose 5 lbs?
Nope!  And that's all I got 'ta say about that!  LOL
I lost a total of 3.8 pounds this month and I blame no one but me.  I had things going on this month but I allowed it to stop from either eating right or getting my exercise in.  I can't say it was the trip or the aggravation with dealing with my grands more or my son cutting up!  It was me and I can accept that responsibility.

     So with all of that being said, I have properly adjusted my April goals.  The awesome thing is, I have a trip at the end of the month but I will be traveling with my mom, Wilma and she is focused on eating right just like me.  There will be no deviation; no excuses and no weight gains!  That's one thing I am proud to brag on.  I haven't gained anything so I am pushing forward.

     I will do this by continuing in my positivity.  Nothing keeps the motivation flowing that encouragement.  I will seek out other means of keeping my Facebook members moving in the right direction by telling them the things they need to hear and in turn, they will send the same vibes my way, thus staying positive.  Most importantly though, I have to keep me going too.  I can't always look for others to keep me on the right track.  I need to 'do' me as I 'do to others' yeah?

     This month, I will stick to my 3 days a month of meat.  I've come a long way and don't want to lose my momentum with this.  I still plan on being 100% meat-free by the end of the month and will not allow myself to fail.  I can to do this, hands down!

     I have some new toys, as you can see.  I found some resistance bands at Wal-Mart last week for $9.98!  I've never used them before but thought, why not?  I am always looking to experience new and exciting things.  With these new bands, I see myself working out in my bedroom or the living room with ease.  I also see my grandchildren tearing them up if I'm not careful!

     I've heard both positive and negative feedback on the bands so I don't really know what to expect.  I can already tell by reading the booklet that it's all up to me.  Let's see where it takes us.  Who knows, maybe I'll do another demo!  lol

     I found that this month, I dealt with so much flippity-flam that I didn't get to take care of me!  I didn't have my hot, Karma Bubble Bath on Wednesdays like I normally would NEVER have skipped!  I didn't get to the park for my walks on Saturday mornings, earning me 6.5 miles and lastly, I didn't get to work on my book!  These will not happen again.  I need my breaks and quiet time.  These will be made Priority One this month....remaining so thereafter.

     My C25K program is really great and I don't see any trouble getting through another month.  My first marathon (Run For Your Life Run!  Zombie 5K Marathon) isn't until August, so I have plenty of time to train.  I love the program and it's routine is perfect for me.  I won't stop that no matter what and I plan to jog/run from here on out as well.

     Lastly, I haven't lost five pounds in a month since I first began but it doesn't mean it can't happen again.  I am really going to push this month.  I may change my eating habits or maybe even hop on a foot program.  I don't like being told what to eat but maybe that will help me out.  We'll see.

     The last thing I'd like to address...what were your goals and did you accomplish any?  I really am looking for everyone to join me on this.  Don't just slide though your months; find something you really want to shoot for and write it down.  Make it concrete and hold yourself accountable!

Until next time...

Be HappyBe Healthy!