Saturday, December 31, 2011

FatBusting with Alyssa

Here's my Introduction blog for the new year.  Please enjoy and come back for more.


Monday, December 26, 2011

When Visiting Big Momma Means Seeing ME!

I am almost ready to kick this off for the new year!  Don't misunderstand, this is not a resolution.  I worked for Weight Watchers as a Leader, so to me, making a promise to do something with January 1 as my promise day is a big No-No.  I am looking at this beginning as the first day of the rest of my living life.  I will accomplish this weight-loss effort as my lifestyle and not a challenge, resolution or promise.  Those are all make to be broken or fail.  I won't be doing either of those.

The most important thing about this blog is about the INTEGRITY of it all.  Why do something if it's going to be fake or rigged.  I will do this with actual photos, video and honesty more than anything.  I want it to make a difference in my life and the best way to do it is to first: not lie to myself.  That's a big problem I have with myself.

I will implement this by first, taking a photo of myself, in a tight outfit.  It will be revealing and then as I lose the weight, it should improve.  I'll take a monthly photo.  When it comes to losing weight, ten pounds usually equals a pant size, so the way I see it, a weekly picture would be a tad silly.  The months pic should make its point.

I will weigh myself weekly.  I think that's about as real as it can be.  If I did a daily weigh, it would get boring and since during a weekly run, you can gain and lose along the way.  The weekly thing will do just fine and keep me on my toes instead of becoming obsessed.

I will be using as my weight loss tool.  I have been with them for a bit and lost ten pounds but once Thanksgiving came, I got distracted, took on a seasonal job and just ate like I wasn't caring.  Not to say I went crazy but I ate many things I never would have touched before.

SparkPeople is a great site and it has many tools that work for folks.  I will be using that and linking items from that site to this blog to help me along my way  I think it's the best thing to do with what I'm doing.  I've researched this quite a bit and plan on really kicking my own butt!

I am looking for the new me. I am tired of looking at myself and seeing me get bigger and more tired.  I finally have my thyroid under control but my menopause and slight concern with my blood pressure has gotten me to a point where I NEED to fix myself.

Watch me go!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Writing & Weight Loss

I am looking forward to 2012 for several reasons. I think it's time to make a new me and create my own happiness.

I'm always happy when I write. I've been making up stories since the second grade. Then just when I was about to get my last novel copyrighted and make an attempt to promote myself, I had a house fire and lost it!! 2012 will fix that.

Also, I've battled my weight for the final time! I've lost so much weight, only for it to find me again! I haven't gained it all back but I can't continue the roller coarser any longer!!!

This blog is my documentation of the journey! Join me. Please.