Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How I'm Feeling...

How I'm Feeling...

     Have you ever set out to do something?  Have you ever taken the time to plan, organize and motivate yourself?  Okay, so now that you've more than likely said yes to these; have you ever done all of said above and it didn't get you where you wanted to be?  Have you repeatedly tried and tried and all you've received in return are tears, cries of frustration and anger?  Now we're getting somewhere huh?

     What did you do after you threw your tantrum?  Did you say "I Quit!" and throw everything around the house?  Did you tell your cohorts, "It's my ball and I'm going home!"  Or did you sit and stare everything down, your mind already engaged in a form of retaliation?  Me?  Well, I'm the latter.  I throw my fit and then I look at it all, even my behavior, and start mapping out a new strategy.

     Last year, I weighed 245 pounds.  I was miserable, thought I was in a state of Peri-menopause and couldn't understand why I kept swelling up like a Sunday ham on one day and then exhausted the next.  I was in a state of depression and confusion.  I put together the idea of making myself a page to jot down my ideas and even make videos on them.  I wanted to share my struggles with others and see what it got me.  So, what was the result of all that planning?

     It first off got me this neat page.  LOL  Then I got a Facebook page where so many friends- 399 to be exact, joined me and gave me so much self-value and information!  I get up every day and see what's going on with them and in turn, they check me out!  I have words that come from a beautiful woman named Eileen Marshall (Hi Eileen!) and I get awesome information from a technical point of view like the page, The Science of Eating.  Then I have pages like The Size of My Life, Smiles and Rainbows: Positive Ways with Patricia Love and so many others, that help me feel better about who I am now while I transition into what I want to become later!  I would have quit had it not been for these people and so many others.  

     I learned a great deal about myself this year.  In 2012, even though it's not ever yet, I have discovered that I am truly in Menopause.  No dancing around it, no possibilities- nope!  I am a Hot Flasher and Moody Aggravator!  And it's alright.  I can deal because it adds to what I've been fighting against this past year, like weight gain, migraines and such.  So cool, right?
     I also learned that my thyroid as been super-duper low and that's why all of my efforts got me loss and then gain again.  It explains why I was developing swollen ankles and fingers, my headaches, my depression and many other symptoms.  It's a truly trying issue for me but now that I know, I have new ammunition.  This is my time to Adapt, Adjust and Move on!

     So as I prepare to move into the year 2013, I feel even more positive and ready for challenges.  I'm weening myself free of the medication my GYN prescribed me.  I am keeping my BP low and my Doc is proud.  I will get my TSH levels back on track and get this weight off.  I WILL get back into my skinny jeans and be healthy when I do it!

     Now this year isn't over.  We are now entering the time of year that's frightening to us all: Halloween candy, Thanksgiving trimmings and Christmas treats.  The thing is, I am not afraid.  I will see these things as the minor obstacles that they are.  By the end of this year, I know that I will be down in my weight again.  I will not stop.  I can't!  I will be down, be healthy, feeling great and looking good!  And so will you.

I know this!

Be Happy Be Healthy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eating Healthy!

A Family In Crisis!

I just wanted to share this cute photo.  Now my husband and son are in a health crisis.  My son is way over weight and my husband's BP is so bad, he could fall over at any time!  Instead of me falling apart, they are!  What's going on?
Well, I've been doing my best to warn my husband and son of the dangers of care-free eating with no exercise can do.  I've gone through the house and emptied out all of the pantry's and cabinets of salt.  I pushed for a soda-free home but it hasn't worked yet.  I've pushed for no pizza's on the one night Mommy doesn't cook and I have fussed about no one walking with me.  It has traveled through one ear and out the other!  What is up with that?  So I decided to try a new tactic.  One that's worked before but slowly died.

I began to cook things and not tell them what it is.  I would make hamburgers with ground turkey instead of a lower percentage of fatted beef.  I started making pitchers of flavored water instead of Kook-aid and as previously mentioned, I cleared out all the sodium in the house and replaced them with Mrs. Dash of all flavors!  Sofar it's worked but I can't be everywhere at all times.

When they leave me to go on their Boys Night, they eat whatever they wish to.  When I go to church, the eat all wrong.  I've caught my husband eating my son's veggies and they sneak things and hide the evidence in the garage trash can.  I find these things and get so frustrated.  BUT...

Then we went to our family doctor.  One of the advantages of being an at-home mom is that I can schedule all of our appointments at the same time.  I got to have someone other than myself fight against Mr. Hub.  Someone with more qualifications and information that I could ever come up with on my own and my tidbits of research!

It really opened their eyes... I think.  My son is on board.  My hub says he is but I still found an empty styrofoam cut in the garage yesterday.  I don't knwo what to do but keep trying.  My health has improved.  He didn't take me off of my BP meds yet but I'm doing great with the weening of Zoloft for my insidious menopausal rages.  I'm getting back on track and expect to see my weight going in the opposite direction at any time.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So with that, I'm a happy camper who's worried
about the environment of my family.  Will they be able to follow me?  Will they pay more attention and do their best to be with me when I've reached the age of 88 or more.  I'll be happy if I can get that far.

I hope everyone reading this is seeing progress.  This year is almost over friends.  I know I haven't lost much weight- almost the same but you know what?  I'm happy because I've learned a lot about myself in this past year.  I've done some real work and although the blood work showed my body had yet turned against me, my pills have been adjusted and I'm on my way.  I am honestly looking to knock some pounds off before it gets cold outside.  Winder is not the time to be too big for my wardrobe.  I've got some cute sweaters and heavy dresses!

Anyway, Be Happy Be Healthy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Even When You're Sick

Even When You're Sick!

     You know, when I get sick I just want to stay in bed and mope.  I want to nurse myself back to health with no talking, questions or other home responsibilities.  But as a homeschooling house-wife that's kinda impossible.
     I still have duties that will go undone and that's just not acceptable.  My husband is a wonderful man but to work all day, then come home to teach, wash dishes, cook and clean afterwards is simply wrong.  I love my hub dearly and wouldn't dare subject him to such.  So I have to take care of myself.
     I do my best to eat right and plenty of good chicken soup.  Did you know cysteine, an amino acid that’s released by cooked chicken. It’s chemically similar to a bronchitis drug, acetylcysteine, and it works with other soup ingredients to reduce inflammation. Salty broth also helps thin mucus. {http://www.intelligenius.net/foods-to-eat-when-you-are-sick/}.  I just knew that it was good for colds but never knew why.  I love that.  I also leaned thatYogurt with active cultures, that are also know as probiotics or live healthy bacteria, can help fight colds in the first place. One, Lactobacillus reuteri (found in Stonyfield Farm yogurt) are very good. {same article, as mentioned above}.
     So when you get sick, take time to drink plenty of fluids, like tea- which helps your body fight viruses and inflammation.  Also, add a bit of peppermint.  It's great and helps with upset tummies and GERD.  

     I hope none of you catch anything too rough.  I am feeling much better but I am still under.  I got a flu shot yesterday but I don't blame it.... much.  LOL  I will be back with you late today.

Be HappyBe Healthy!