Saturday, November 3, 2012

Matching Your Outside With Who You Are On The Inside

Matching Your Outside With Who You Are On The Inside
     Have you ever opened your eyes from a good night's sleep and felt like a million bucks, only to gaze into the mirror and think, "Who the heck is that?"  have you ever felt like crap but as soon as you got on your feet, you knew you could defeat any obstacle that faced you?  It's crazy right?  How can we be two people in one shell?  Well, I don't know about you all but I have about thirty or forty different personas within this shell!  LOL  I kid, I kid.  But really, have you experienced this?
     Well, don't feel bad.  We all have.  I've done a bit of research on this and feel like I"m a professional.  I know that when you feel good in the mornings, the psychological reference to this feeling is: FEELING GOOD!  How about that?  And when you wake up and you feel like morning road kill, it's diagnosed as FEELING BAD.  See that, I've diagnosed us all!

     Here's the deal: Our feelings and our appearance do not always sync.  There are times, especially for us women, when we just can't match our outside with our inside!  No matter what we do, it's just not tangible, so we put on masks.  We pretend to be what we are not until the feeling hits us.  Problem is, it doesn't always happen.  We have to do our best to stay away from that state.

     When it comes to us being healthy and losing weight, we tend to wake with feelings of inadequacy, disappointment and despair because we can't get the control we desire.  We end up disliking and even hating ourselves.  Then we don't care and just do whatever we do, adding the pounds on, leading to more upset which puts more food in our mouths or stops the exercise that takes us to self-hatred.

     I can relate to these feelings.  I've been through many cycles of Karate Kid's Weight On- Weight Off to last a lifetime!  This can be prevented.  First we have to appreciate ourselves for who we really are.  I could be made at myself ro not losing much weight this past year but what would it get me?  Frustration, binge eating and no exercise.  Will I allow myself to go there?  Heck no!  Because I do like me, really I do.  I also have appreciation for who I am because I know I have drive and enough love to give my husband and children without excluding myself.  This can be done.

     Once I appreciate myself, then I want to make sure I remember that I matter.  How I feel must be addressed and catered to.  With this being done, I know I carry value and am more than just my weight.  I know that I am worth every bit of time and money that I spend on making myself a better woman.  I then place my value and appreciation into action.

     With action, I can accomplish anything.  I make goals for myself and if I fall short- I don't beat myself up.  I learn from the experience and devise a new plan.  One that will get me where I need to be through adjustments and positive attitude.  Is it easier said than done?


     It can be done and anyone can do it.  You just have to believe.  Remember my vlog on Paper Dolls?  (Youtube Week 10-  All you have to do is give yourself a goal and stick to it.  If you have problems sticking to it, devise a back-up plan!

     I am actually making a vlog on Back Up's tonight.  I'll hopefully have it uploaded with no Facebook issues.  I hope you all enjoy it and can empathize with me.  We're a team and I desire feedback and ideas as much as the next gal.  We don't have to feel alone in this.  We keep each other perked up and pushing forward because that's what we're supposed to do.

I'll see you tomorrow and remember to...

 Be HappyBe Healthy!

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